When you absolutely need a lawyer after a car accident

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Compensation is certainly important, but sometimes, especially our people do not want to get involved in litigation and negotiations with the insurance company, even through a lawyer. And that’s everyone’s choice.

However, there are accidents when you need a lawyer not so much to get compensation, but to protect your personal money and even your freedom.

Car accidents after which an attorney is needed:

Any accident in which you or someone else was seriously injured;
Any accident in which the at-fault party is not clearly identified;
Any collision in a school zone;
Any accident in a construction or work zone;
If you disagree with the police report;
Any accident involving an uninsured driver;
When insurance companies give confusing answers to questions about financial responsibility.
What immigrants should do in these cases

You can contact an operator at any time for a free car accident consultation.
The operator will find for you a Russian-speaking lawyer who is located in the state where the accident occurred and knows the specifics of its legislation.
If necessary, you will be advised how to get compensation up to $1000 in the first 24 hours after the accident.
You can also get a tip on which medical facility to go to, after which you will receive compensation payments based on medical bills.
What exactly will an attorney do after a car accident in America:

Take over negotiations with the insurance company
Gather and file all necessary documents with the proper authorities
Will not miss deadlines for claims and applications for compensation
Will get a higher amount of compensation
Will take care of unforeseen circumstances
Arranges for a thorough investigation of the incident if necessary
The tasks of an accident attorney are not easy. Because of the unknown laws, language, and shock of the accident and pressure from the insurance company not to pay more, the average American, much less an immigrant, will certainly not be able to do all of these things. Americans believe for a reason that everything should be handled by professionals, and in case of an accident, this principle should be strictly followed if you value your time and money.

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