Renowned immigration attorney will help you immigrate to Los Angeles!

Why do I need an immigration lawyer in California?

Accumulated experience and practice allows us to say with certainty that in 99% of cases, without the assistance of a qualified lawyer who specializes in solving immigration issues, to move to the United States is impossible. A lawyer will not only help you choose the appropriate visa program and prepare the necessary documents.

With his help you will get the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to successfully pass the interviews at the Department of Citizenship and Migration. It is a lawyer who will become an indispensable assistant in disputes in the migration court in case of denial of a visa.

It is no secret that the American immigration law is deservedly considered one of the most confusing in the world. Accordingly, in each case, the choice of the only correct decision in most cases depends directly on the nuances.

Practice shows that migrants who attempt to obtain a United States visa, a Green Card, or political asylum on their own make a number of unfortunate mistakes when petitioning and then, at best, at the border or at the interview. In some cases it is possible to correct them, but there are situations when chances for immigration to the United States are hopelessly lost.

The qualified lawyers in California can help you avoid making such mistakes. Regular and timely application for qualified legal help will save your time, money, nerves and efforts that might have been needlessly spent on trying to get a visa or other documents that would allow you to stay in the territory of the United States of America.

What immigration programs are there?
It is accepted to distinguish four main directions of immigration to the United States in general, and to California in particular:

Business immigration. An option for people who have the resources to open a new company or a branch of an international organization in the United States. There are programs both for big investors (EB-5), and for subjects who can’t boast of having a lot of capital (E-2). Programs for top managers and specialists occupying top positions or having extraordinary abilities deserve special attention.
Green Card. This option is predominantly chosen by immigrants who plan to become citizens of the United States in the future. Among the available ways to get a Green Card is to win it in a special annual lottery and participate in other immigration programs, which will allow in the future to become a Green Card holder. Practice shows that the second option is much more realistic and widespread.
Political asylum. Here it is extremely important to prove the existence and actual danger of persecution for political beliefs in your homeland. Gathering evidence, making a competent argument, and preparing the applicant for an interview with the immigration services are the minimum tasks that an immigration attorney must perform.

Other types of migration. To the above migration programs it is worth adding work visas H1-B, O-1, R-1, as well as immigration visas EB-1A/B, EB-1C, EB-2, EB-3, EB-5, Family visas CR-1, IR-1.
A specific immigration program option should be chosen based on a number of factors ranging from having a family and children to available financial resources, job skills, and a number of other important criteria. We can say with certainty that each case is different.

Accordingly, in matters of immigration individual approach becomes not an advantage, but a real necessity, which provides an opportunity to take into account as fully as possible all the real needs of the client.

Immigration lawyer protect from deportation, help to stay in the U.S.!

Grounds for deportation of immigrants from the United States of America there are a large number. In most cases, however, through a competent legal assistance can avoid the negative consequences of the need to leave the United States. The most popular tools for solving the problem in question are:

Granting political asylum;
Suspension of removal;
Deferral of removal;
Revocation of deportation;
Change of immigration status.
In the most neglected situations, where there is no realistic way to avoid deportation, we can recommend that clients voluntarily leave the United States. Such a decision can be objectively compared to a victory in the long run, because more often than not, it allows you to retain your right to return to the United States. Moreover, it is not uncommon for such a choice to help avoid imprisonment in the United States.

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