How to choose a lawyer?

How to choose a lawyer?

There are several basic criteria that will help you not to make a mistake in your choice:

Recommendations of friends, acquaintances. Perhaps some of them have faced the need for assistance of a lawyer and can recommend a proven specialist.

You should know that the defense in criminal cases has the right not just a lawyer, and the lawyer who passed the qualification exam and received the status of a lawyer. Ask a lawyer you know and he will certainly recommend a specialized lawyer. Good lawyers usually have a certain reputation in legal circles.

When you have several options, check the lawyer’s current status on the website of the Moscow Bar Association:

Consult with several attorneys before making a decision. Do not hesitate to ask questions that interest you. When you hear the answers you will be able to evaluate the impression of the meeting. Accuracy and literacy in speech, in drafting and keeping documents, in writing, in conversation are the true companions of a professional lawyer.

It is not for nothing they say that you meet by the clothes. The presence of a good office and a neat appearance indicates a careful approach not only to the appearance, but also to the case.

Remember that a good specialist will not give you a 100% guarantee of results. A competent lawyer first listens to you and delves into the heart of the case, ask questions, warn you of possible options for the development of the situation, will indicate all the nuances, including the negative, tells about the highest probability of a particular outcome. And then the right of choice will leave to you.

Ask the lawyer this information:

– The presence of a legal education obtained in a prestigious university;
– Specialization in a particular area of law and experience in the relevant category of criminal cases.

A good lawyer is not the one who takes on any case, but the one who specializes in a particular area of law. It is impossible to understand everything, besides the legal framework is constantly changing. To be a true professional, you need to work in one area for a long time, to study the practice of the chosen category, both your own and your colleagues – that’s the only way to be able to understand the law with distinction. This allows you not only to gain legal experience, but also to understand the tactics that are best used in specific cases.

Finding a good lawyer is not easy, but if you manage to find such a specialist, then you are guaranteed qualified legal assistance.

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