How to choose a lawyer, lawyer?

Instruction: how to choose a good, reliable lawyer/advocate?
Today the market for consultancy services is quite widely developed, not only in Moscow, but also in the regions. The public is presented with many offers in the field of legal and accounting services. How to find among this variety of choice exactly the specialist who will competently and qualitatively perform the work, will be able to guarantee the result, fully responsible to the customer, always ready to answer any questions about the problem? After all, the customer trusts the lawyer or accountant not only to solve a particular problem, but also his financial well-being. And of course, you do not want to get caught up with those who are not able to do their job, and in some cases due to lack of qualifications may further damage the case.

Often the work in law firms is structured as follows. There is a reputable lawyer with a name known to many, who conducts meetings with clients. After the contract for the case taken by other lawyers, and often their qualifications leave much to be desired. In the case of a negative decision of your question you will be told a fairy tale about the fact that the judge is bought, or “well, we told you that you do not have a complete set of documents. Then you can be promised that in appeal, and then in cassation, your case is sure to win. But the result may be the same as in the first instance. Why is it so? All because of the low professionalism of a particular executor.

How to find a lawyer who can adequately protect your interests in court?

To choose a lawyer (as well as a dentist, and specialists in other professions), the first thing you need to ask your friends, who have resorted to such services. If you are referred to a particular specialist, then go to him, not just the firm where he works. In every profession there are misguided specialists, and no one is immune from this. But after reading these instructions on how to find a good lawyer (attorney), you are more likely to find such a specialist. Usually, to find a lawyer, the client bypasses several law firms, looks at what is a lawyer (attorney), how he talks, where the office is located and how it all looks presentable. After comparing several options in terms of price, the solidity of the office, proximity to the client and several other parameters, the customer makes a decision. And in the end all you have to do is trust the choice you made. Many believe that if the lawyer (attorney) looks posh and has all the attributes inherent in the lawyer, it indicates his success, and this is a guarantee that your problem will be solved qualitatively and on time. But in most cases, the luxury is achieved by high fees, not the quality of services provided. And, as we wrote earlier, it is likely that in fact all the work will be done by another specialist.

This principle of building companies is used everywhere. Surely you can remember many examples from your own life, when you buy something or order some service, you are nicely treated by consultants of model appearance, but the actual work is done by foreigners from the CIS countries. When you have a complaint about the quality of goods or services, then you are switched to outright boorish people. Therefore, I strongly recommend to get acquainted with the actual performer.

How do you usually choose a lawyer?
Going around law firms, you will often see an expensive office, a luxurious office, several bored employees, expensive lawyer accessories. All of this requires a lot of overhead, and rest assured that it will fall on your shoulders. If the lawyer is used to charging 30,000 rubles per session, he will stick to this amount. If you do get him a substantial discount, the risk of not getting the proper result, as this lawyer will decrease motivation to conduct your case at the appropriate level and achieve the desired result. Put yourself in his place – if you’re employer has always paid 50,000 rubles a month, and then suddenly began paying 20,000 rubles, will you still work well? Someone will say “yes,” but many will probably answer “no.

Beware of scammers.
Beware of lawyers who give a 100% guarantee of success – such a high success rate does not exist in principle. And such a lawyer (attorney) misleads you, please note that in the contract they will never write that they guarantee 100% result. As a rule, these lawyers (lawyers) trump connections in the law enforcement bodies and the judicial system, promising to immediately solve any problem on the phone. Such unfounded statements should put you on guard. Communications with the security forces have almost any lawyer who studied at law school and worked as a lawyer for at least ten years. But as a rule, even if the lawyer has some connections in the authorities you need, it does not guarantee a positive result for you. In 90% of cases where you are offered to solve the issue in another, not quite legal, way, it is you who will be the fool. Scammers, as a rule, take a prepayment, then, in the worst case, do nothing, and in the best case – solve the question in the usual legal way. If the issue is resolved, the fee is justified. In the opposite case – they make up stories about why it could not be done. Unfortunately, among the lawyers (attorneys) are also outright crooks and identify them visually very difficult, because no crook does not look like a crook. They all look like quite trustworthy people. Many of them cover themselves with different religions to give the potential victim an even greater impression of trustworthiness.

Analyzing a law firm’s office.
To insure yourself against outright fraud, you need to visit the office of the company. If the company’s office is in a business center, you can ask the security guard if the law firm has been renting an office for a long time. Many scammers rent an office literally for the duration of a meeting, and this can be confusing to many clients.

” How could this happen?” -, the amount you are contributing is substantial.

Finding a lawyer who can adequately defend your interests in court is possible! – we declare.
To do this, you need to check that the lawyer has experience in the area in which you have a problem. There are specializations in every profession. For example, you do not go to the dentist to treat your eyes, and teeth to an ophthalmologist, although they are both doctors. Lawyers, too, have their own specialties. We, for example, will never take on international arbitration, for this there are lawyers internationalists, etc. Rich judicial practice may indicate his integrity and high qualification. Indeed, only actually performed earlier work will tell about the lawyer better than any resume. After all, court cases have recently become open and you can always get access to this or that decision or court ruling to check, really this or that representative participated in the process of the specified case. If you know the case number, you can use search engines to find the case and see who the representative was.

Familiarizing yourself with the court cases of the potential executor, you thereby kill two birds with one stone. One – it reduces the risk of possible fraud.
Second – you choose a really the person who is actively practicing and knows the process from the inside. Choosing a lawyer only by appearance, you risk ruining your case at the root. People are different and some lawyers do not like their profession, they only enjoy the opportunity to earn good fees. That is why when they communicate with a client, their eyes light up in anticipation of potential earnings, and when the case is done and the contract is signed, the interest in the actual case disappears, and such a lawyer does his job very mediocrely. It is almost impossible to check the competence of such workers, only the statistics of won and lost cases reflects the real picture of the effectiveness of a trial lawyer (attorney). The more cases similar to yours, the better characterizes the chosen specialist as a high-class specialist. Never look at websites that do not present the results of their work, recommendations from their clients. Slogans: “We guarantee quality” do not say anything about the company!

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