How to choose a competent lawyer in arbitration cases?

What to pay attention to when choosing an arbitration lawyer: the main recommendations

If you are to become a party to the arbitration process, you need to take care in advance about the choice of a professional lawyer. After all, in many respects from his professionalism and skill depends, for example, whether you will be able to “fend off” the claims of the FTS, to achieve the return of multi-million debts or safely bankrupt the company. But how do you find a real specialist?

We advise to pay attention to the following points when choosing an arbitration lawyer:

1. Specialization.

Russian law is quite voluminous and complex, so a lawyer cannot be equally well versed in absolutely all branches of law. Universal lawyers, of course, exist, and you can go to them, but only if we are talking about an uncomplicated dispute.

If, however, participation in the case requires special knowledge and skills, then the specialization of the lawyer comes first. For example, it is quite difficult for a universal lawyer to challenge a transaction with affiliated persons and to bring the controlling persons to subsidiary liability.

2. experience.

The longer the lawyer assists in arbitration courts, the more experience in resolving all kinds of disputes he has. Even better, if the lawyer previously represented the interests of large companies in courts as an in-house lawyer, or worked as a judge of the arbitration court – the variety of experience is an undeniable advantage.

Check whether the lawyer participated in the case of interest to the client, you can use the Files of arbitration cases. It is good if the lawyer has successful experience in resolving disputes similar to yours.

3. Behavior.

The lawyer must be able to express his thoughts clearly, competently and convincingly: otherwise he will not be able to make a good impression on the judge and to convey to him the position of the principal. Please note that blatant intimidation with horrible perspectives, a guaranteed promise to win the case, a pejorative attitude towards other lawyers or bragging about one’s connections in court do not speak well of the lawyer. It is better to refuse cooperation with such a lawyer.

Also, you should not trust the decision of your question to the specialist who inclines to work without the contract or offers the illegal ways to solve the dispute (bribes to the judges, falsification of documents and so on).

4. reviews.

Examine the lawyer’s online reviews. A large number of negative reviews should alert a potential client. However, if all the reviews about the lawyer are exclusively positive and uniform, it may indicate their “ordered” nature.

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