Criteria for choosing a law firm

Criteria for choosing a law firm

Everyone is well aware that legal professionals and employees of law firms are trying to present themselves in a favorable light. So you need to pay attention to objective factors:

The length of time the organization has been on the Russian market. It is recommended to give preference to firms that have been operating for more than five years.
Participation in ratings and legal unions. As a rule, this indicates a high level of professionalism. But it is worth bearing in mind that some associations admit participants only on the basis of a membership fee, rather than by assessing competence and professional qualities.
Reviews on the Internet. You should be skeptical of both blatant flattery and praise, as well as sharply negative comments on Yandex and Google. It is worth reading some neutral reviews, backed up by facts or links, and form your own personal opinion about the firm.
The presence of prominent lawyers in the company. This, of course, is a plus, but you should not expect that your case will be handled exactly by a “star” specialist. Study the terms of cooperation before concluding a contract, and do not “believe” in marketing.
Big promises. A lawyer can provide a legal assessment with a certain degree of probability, but the outcome of the case cannot be predicted one hundred percent. Court instances may resolve the same disputed situations in different ways: everything depends on the nuances of a particular trial, the evidence base, and even on the mood of the participants in the process (the human factor). Unshakable belief of the in-house lawyer in his strength as well as his guarantee of the 100% successful outcome shall make the potential client wary.

As for the individual representatives of the law firm, there are clear negative markers: the person confused about the terminology, not guided by the actual judicial practice, can not give clear answers to questions (some questions are unambiguous answer, which follows from the decision of the Plenum of the Supreme Court or a review of Supreme Court practice). Perhaps this is not a lawyer, but a sales manager of legal services.

What are the risks of companies offering free initial consultation

Enticement” firms work according to a certain scheme. Their goal is to attract clients, to convince them that the case is advantageous, and to collect a substantial fee for a minimal set of services. Sometimes they take an amount equivalent to the cost of conducting a case with a famous lawyer to draw up and certify the documents. Often there are fly-by-night companies that close after a few months of work.

Applying to these organizations, you risk not only losing money but also miss an opportunity to win the case: there may not be a second chance.

Conscientious lawyers offer “turnkey” support: from filing a lawsuit to the final court decision. They are responsible for the result and do not leave clients halfway.

What should the client do if he has chosen an incompetent lawyer?

If in the process of interaction with the human rights defender you have doubts about the advisability of further cooperation, then do not immediately terminate the contract and leave, slamming the door loudly.

For a start is to learn the opinion of other lawyers. It is desirable to immediately contact a multi-disciplinary law firm, so that the professionals looked at the situation from different sides and pointed out the gross errors of his “colleague in the shop”. But even if all is well, the client can strengthen the legal position by signing a contract with a proven law firm.

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