Business immigration to New York is the best solution for successful entrepreneurs and their families!

Among the most popular and affordable ways to immigrate to the United States is to establish a company in New York. In doing so, you not only get the opportunity to legally stay in the United States of America, but you can also scale and expand your business. There are several major immigration programs within the area under consideration:

EB-5 Visa. Designed primarily for large investors. The key requirement is the ability to invest $900,000 or more. You can invest directly through the creation of their own company or indirectly through outside organizations or special regional centers. The advantages of this program is the provision of rights and preferences to visa holders EB-5, comparable to those that are received by U.S. citizens. You will also not be required to be present in New York State to oversee your business. Additional advantages are the absence of any language or educational requirements, as well as the ability to withdraw funds at the end of the investment term. The EB-5 visa opens the door to obtaining a Green Card if the requirements are met;

E-2 visa. An excellent solution for small businesses. Enrollment in this program can be limited to a limited number of people who have citizenship of countries that have entered into an agreement with the United States, in particular with New York and New Jersey. This visa has a nonimmigrant character, so after its completion its holders do not receive the right to acquire U.S. citizenship. Among the advantages of visa E-2 one may single out high speed of processing, relatively small amount of the initial investment, possibility of bringing the closest family members to the USA together, and possibility of visa extension and transition to visas EB-1C and EB-5, which in turn allows to get a Green Card;

L-1 Visa. The program is intended for managers of foreign enterprises and qualified specialists. The main condition is to occupy a senior position in a U.S. company or a branch of a foreign firm operating on U.S. territory. In general, the advantages of the L-1 visa are almost identical to the advantages of the E-2 immigration program discussed above;

EB-1C visa. One of the most advantageous options, designed for subjects who can boast serious success in science, art, education, entrepreneurship and various sports disciplines. Its advantages are a simplified processing procedure, the ability to move and live in New York City with your family, and a significant increase in the chances of obtaining a Green Card. Having an L1-A visa considerably increases the likelihood of being issued the visa in question.

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